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ResLife logoWelcome! As you probably already know if you have looked into videos for programming or training, videos can cost a lot of money, year after year.

Res-Life Videos aims to change that. The goal of Res-Life Videos is to gather videos from universities all over in order to provide them back to all those universities and more as a free download or low cost DVD(hopefully someday). These videos can be used forever, without ever having their license run out, and without ever having to pay for a download. This means even the smallest schools will be able to use videos for their programming, or find a great speaker to present on a topic their staff is unfamiliar with, or show the bigger schools that a small school can still have every bit as much quality by donating their own videos. Bigger schools will have the opportunity to promote their institution and learn from other schools. All institutions will be able to save their money for more important things and still have great videos.

If you just found this website, I am glad you did. Currently, Res-Life Videos is just beginning to upload videos and needs all the video and audio you can contribute!

If your institution has made a video, would like to make a video, or would like more information, please e-mail Nic Perry at A copy of the standard distribution agreement will be available soon, and some adjustments may be made on a case by case basis at request.

Please check back often to check on progress, and be sure to submit a video!

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Want to help make Res-life Videos a better bigger website? Send an email to Not only do we need help making videos and video ideas, but we also need help contacting more schools to get the word out!

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